At 12:00 on 21nd November start is given to the traditional off-road vehicles skill and duration race "Avo Šults Memorial Race".

This type of off-road competition is one of a kind in Estonia. In their specially prepared vehicles the teams shall pass an obstacle course of ca 150 km where veering off the track results in disqualifi-cation. The teams have a maximum of 24h and for positive results they need to pass water obstacles, cross artificial mountains, stay on the ground in an abandoned peat bog, fight gravitational forces and the laws of physics. The joker in this competition is the weather – it is the track masters’ wish to provide the competitors with a track where they need to surpass themselves – extreme weather conditions may support or, vice versa, hinder this effort...

The course runs through the quarries of Sirgala and Narva in Ida-Viru county’s Vaivara rural municipality, and through their planned and previously prepared areas of expansion.

The tradition of this competition was started in the November of 2001 (around St Catherine’s Day) and bore a merry title "Kadri keerutab" ("Twirling Catherine"). In the following years the competition was organised by Estonian Off-Road Club and the Erna Association. In 2003, the race was renamed after former course master Avo Šults who passed away unexpectedly in the autumn of 2003.

May you have many extreme experiences!

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